Problem joining servers


May 30, 2015
90% of servers i just lose connection immediately and kicked back to menu, i just can't get in a F Reiza series server at all, i can get into some F Extreme races, but never F Reiza, most stock car series servers let me in, but everything else i get booted back to menu, it just says connection lost, and sometimes it's an RFM mismatch etc

It's a nightmare trying to get any online action :(


Jan 22, 2014
Ya because most of the times people are playing either modded cars or tracks. There's no autodownload system (like e.g. rFactor 2). Curiously, the multiplayer file does include some sort of line that says something about autodownloads but I don't think ISI (creators of the engine) ever actually made it happen (besides RF2 but that's different).

Unfortunately SCE also doesn't utilize the wonderful feature found in RF1 where people can write a bunch of information about their server (picture below). In-fact, not even rFactor 2 includes this. I guess too much of a good thing isn't good? Lol. can't believe ISI themselves even got rid of it.