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Premium - Paypal doesn't show bank data


My premium expires in a few days so I wanted to extend it.
Logged into my PayPal-Account and then it only shows "Add bank details to transfer money" (it's in German).

When I log into PayPal via the paypal site, it shows my bank details like it should.

Can anyone explain this? I have no problem adding my bank details another time, just wondering if that's a general paypal thing or something to be adjusted by RD?


Just an update:
After it expired, during the renewal process it looked and worked like it should.
My bank details showed up normally and I could renew my premium.

So it's only when wanting to extend it before it expires.. Quite strange!


Sorry missed this one @RasmusP. Not aware of this problem. Do more people experienced this?
No problem! It sorted itself out.
I didn't hear from anyone having this issue but not sure how many extend their premium before it runs out.

I just tried to replicate it but weirdly I can't, everything loads like it should.

Maybe it was just a PayPal issue that they solved on their side.
Weird thing is that I did buy something via PayPal a few minutes earlier.

Anyway, since I can't replicate it, I guess you can put this thread into the garbage? :p