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    Precision had a positive outcome at Silverstone despite failing to score a victory for the first time of the season.

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    In the World Series the team had quite a successful qualifying, as Jeffrey Rietveld and Cyril Werdmuller landed third and fourth respectively on the grid. At the start Werdmuller lost a position to Dominguez whereas the rest of the top four kept static. A heavy charge from David Dominguez saw Rietveld being pressurized by the Twister-Racing driver at the opening laps, but the young Dutch managed to keep in second place.

    After the top 3 pitting on the same lap, no changes of positions took place. Eventually Rietveld finished in second place over the chequered flag, followed by Werdmuller in fourth. The team, however, extended the lead in the constructors' championship, since the Obutto Twister-Racing team lost its championship points in the post-race process.

    In World Championship the master Bono Huis had a serious challenge, due to starting last on the grid after a grid penalty. This did not prevent the reigning champion to perform an impressive race, as the Huis climbed a stunning 10 places on the opening lap. Meanwhile Jaakko Mikkonen was able to improve from 3rd to 2nd place on the first lap despite suffering early damage from a push by David Greco. Mikko Puumalainen and Dennis Hirrle had somewhat difficult starts, running in 9th and 10th places respectively.

    At the time of the pit stops Bono Huis had already cleared every single car ahead of him except for Atze Kerkhof, who had managed to build a gap of 4 seconds by the time Huis got into P2. Both Puumalaien and Hirrle managed to perfect their pit stop timings, as the duo climbed into sixth and seventh place.

    The end of the race saw a battle for seconds between Huis and Kerkhof. The Twister-Racing driver managed to utilize his earlier built gap, and eventually crossed the chequered flag 2.6 seconds ahead of Huis, thus scoring the first non-Huis win of the season. Huis crossed the chequered flag in second place in an amazing performance, with team-mate Mikkonen in fourth. Hirrle made a great team debut to finish sixth, whereas Puumalainen overtook Fredrik Nilsson on the last lap to finish seventh. Needless to say, the result strengthened both Huis' and the team's lead in the championship.

    After an excellent start to the season, the team goes into a deserved holiday break, to return back four weeks later on the Nürburgring.

    Bono Huis
    (2nd) commented:
    "So, I had a back of the grid penalty andI was expecting quite some chaos in the first lap and I was right. Fortunately I managed to avoid everyone and everything and I was already up to P10 after the first lap without really passing anyone. I moved up the field quite swiftly, after 20 laps I was already on P2, more than 4 seconds behind Kerkhof. I was a bit faster than him but the gap was too big because of my penalty, so P2 was the maximum."

    Jaakko Mikkonen
    (4th) commented:
    "My race was not very spectacular. I suffered contact on first lap, which caused damage and dictated my first stint heavily because the car started understeering badly. During the pit stop I could add more front wing so it was ok again, but I was out of my planned strategy and worried about my tires and fuel. In the end the tires lasted ok, but I nearly ran out of fuel which explains my slow driving on final 15 laps."

    Jeffrey Rietveld
    (2nd) commented:
    "Quite happy about this race, preparation was better than the last few races which showed off in a better result. Qualification went quite good, this time I didn't have that much nerves because I tested more, and I knew a good result was possible. At the beginning of the race I tried to follow Conti, but he was simply too fast, meanwhile I had also pressure from behind from Dominguez which didn't make it easy. After all, quite happy with P2 eventhough Conti is closing really fast in the championship. "

    Team manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "In terms of preparation this has probably been the best race of the season. In terms of setup and pace it was 50 50, as half of the team struggled a bit. Dennis has brought some refreshment to the team, which contributed to the whole positive situation. As for the race itself, without taking any credits from the race winner, it was simply superhuman performance from Bono and probably the best race of his career. Jaakko, Dennis and Mikko drove strong races too and as the result of overall strong performance we gained points on our challengers in constructors championship. Now finally a summer break and in 2 races Bono will be double world champion."

    To follow the progress of the team during the season, make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Precision Motorsports Press

    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen
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