Practicing for World Series by Renault Formula Renault 3.5

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  1. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Bahrain is the next race.
    Last night I had a fun race with AI.

    45 mins grid mixed with 2012 F2 and FR 3.5.
    The AI seem pretty well implemented at Bahrain so well done RD staff.

    Set them at 100% and was P2 on the grid. Had some issues on cold tyres and dropped as low as 7 before fighting back up place by place lap by lap. The AI were quite fiesty, if I went to the inside before a braking zone they would crowd me like a couple of well known German F1 WDCs. So I pulled acouple of Mansell like fakies where I would lunge inside then go outside, their covering move then compromising their corner entry line and exit speed giving me the over and under pass outside.

    Made it to P1 but they were still all over me like a cheap suit. Twice was re passed for the lead when I left a door open. Real pressure.

    Margin was appr 3 sec at race end.

    Race distance was 25 laps with the 45 mins coming up in sector 3.
    Fuel use was 66 litres without a warmup lap. So 2.64 lit / lap. or 69 litres incl warmup lap for 25 laps with no margin. So given that the aliens might get another lap started for me its 73 litres. We do however seem to set a lap qty rather than just the time of 45 mins.

    The F2 cars were gradually dropped but not by much. Prob 15 sec gap at the end.

    Next session at Bahrain, a bit of wet weather driving and maybe a session in the Marussia F1.
    This track per se is not hard to drive, maybe we can get a little rain at the oasis?

    Now am I right in thinking that ISI updated and gave the same physics as the Marussia to the Formula ISI?

    Part 2:
    Now that was fun:
    I did a practice session starting hot and dry 31 degrees...
    Turned wet and 26 deg with stronger southerly winds then..
    dried out with a strong easterly blowing away the clouds before settling in to 33 degrees again in the desert.

    The wet tyres are very durable and very good on a drying track. I was 2 sec / lap off PB on the drying line. They showed no signs of wear or excess temp (ideally they would have I suppose but they don't). When switching back to dry tyres I was slower even after 2 laps and the track felt quite green after the rain (fronts were locking up etc) which makes sense. On lap 3 I pushed and got into my PB again. The dry tyres felt much twitchier after the wets and needed to get into their zone.
    Conclusion: Dont rush to get off the wets on a drying track and dont hesitate to get on them on a track that's getting damp:geek:.

    With this new found knowledge I'm going after the AI in a mixed weather race. Ill make Jenson proud.:)

    If you are interested in getting more from your RF2 experience. Come over to the club races or league races, there will be something there that suits you to which you can apply your self. The racers are friendly and there is a mix of speeds. Yes we have aliens but we have new drivers too.