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Possible blue flag bug

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Neil Gault, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Neil Gault

    Neil Gault

    Had a strange one last night at MoSport, i had the car of Michael Herrmann behind me for several corners last night without me getting blue flagged even though he was pretty close at times. Thought at the time it was strange as the blue flags had worked fine for the other cars but not this one and it now dawns on me that while Michael was behind me i also had the pit in message showing on the screen, so could the pit in message be enough to stop the blue flags?
  2. Mike Simian

    Mike Simian

    I've noticed some strange things like that happening, sometimes I get a pit in messages for no apparent reason, and blue flag I get randomly even when lapping other cars, but I see what you mean. Pit in is overriding the blue flag warning, haven't seen this happen but will keep a look out for it.
  3. Michael Herrmann

    Michael Herrmann

    oh ok Neil now i understand why you was that long on the line :) without Blueflag you must throug it will run for position
  4. David Mansfield

    David Mansfield

    yeah, whenever i play online if as soon as the race starts and i go round the 1st corner i start getting blue flag messages telling me its 1st warning!

    Never had a car thats lapping me not give me a blue flag tho, just errors when there shouldnt be anyone getting a blue flag.

    Think theres some serious issues with the blue flags!
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