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Porsche 911 RSR 2018 Sound Mod

Sounds Porsche 911 RSR 2018 Sound Mod 2021-06-07

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when coasting or off throttle .. seems to be worse .. internal sounds great maybe alittle too loud tho .. could be causing popping i have my ac audio on 6 so its not the master of that ..
Hope you made the internal sounds quieter. Seems to be a trend of making sounds way louder for whatever reason. Makes the end user have to turn up or lower their volume all the time. I had to take your last release down to .35 to get it bearable volume wise.
I have tried the mod update and it still is way too loud internally. Once dialed down, it sounds quite good. I did find an issue with some type of reverberation or something. Here is a video of it. It will happen when I let off the accelerator right after passing the Motul Road Atlanta sign.

you do not hear the sound externally and it is in the same spot everytime on that track. It is very prevalent on Watkins Glen as well
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