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Chris Standring

Only been sim racing a few days, but i see a lot of things rfactor related whatever site i end up at. Im racing solely in GTR-Evo/Race07 at the moment.

Would it be a good idea to grab rfactor as well?

Main concern is that i dont want to drown myself with to much new content so early, and is the feel and driving much different to evo? Worries me that trying to learn both games at once could be counter-productive if they feel a lot different...

Thanks for any info :)

Andrew Evans

i would stick with evo until yer comfortable... rF feels a lot more hardcore and a lot less forgiving... plus, it is all new content - different cars, different tracks etc... but once yer happy with jumping online with the masses then i'd totally get it - gives you more racing options in the end!

Toni Talvitie

May 4, 2008
well then again we do have nice races in rfactor here at RaceDepartment.
to improve and get better -> having more joyable racing, owning 2 sims
is not hurting you one bit.
also drivers from all skilllevels fit in just fine.
only dictated by your wallet i suppose.
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