WIP Polish Kormoran Rally 2003 SS 1/5


I was very impressed with great driving of Leszek Kuzaj on the video from Polish Kormoran Rally in 2003. You can also find the video on YouTube -

The track is more inspired than based on real track (SS 1/5). This is about 95% of the whole work. I had so few materials - like the video above (from real rally), could not really locate the terrain on maps/GE, just a little information on the internet. Also, did not have time to go there, find the track in the real world, drive it...

Originally, the stage route was Gamerki Wielkie - Gołogóra, Poland (through the village called Szałstry). Kormoran Rally was the third round of Polish Rally Championship, June 27-29, 2003. Special stages 1 and 5. (looking at the amazing driving of L.Kuzaj I guess the video is from SS 5 ;). Track length - 9,3 km. Co-pilot - Magda Lukas. They both won the whole rally :)
I got the information after 75% of the track was finished, before that I was just watching the video, listening what was going on and trying to make the track in BTB to get the best possible impression... I also change a few places because the track was too easy to drive in RBR. Then, please don't judge me if not everything is similar to original ;) "My" track is 10 km long - a bit longer, but I make similar stage times ;) - not on my video maybe, since it's very hard to drive fast having 30 FPS while recording with Fraps.

Please tell me if you like it, I'm open to sugestions :) I think the track will be ready in 2 weeks... If it's worth of publishing of course! :)


Thanks, yes, that is included in that 5% of missing things :)
I will appreciate any advices of what (all of) you would like to see in final version. Even what kind of weather ;) Whatever happens, I like even default sky in this project.


Kormoran Rally 2003 SS 1/5 (based on video)

I'm sad... I was planting last pieces of grass and exactly on midnight got the windowed message... Well, he (BTB) could allow me to save and export once more as the farewell ;) (that's why it's version 0,89 and not 0,9 heheh!)
I'm not taking new license right now, because I'm waiting for the new computer, will be (a new PC) ready maybe in May...
So, this is what you can test for now. I managed to change all textures, I'm very happy especially with roads. Some physics may change, but I hope you will accept these textures as I do.
I ask you for a feedback, comments on overal thing, what could be done still, performance, FPS, pacenotes etc.
Here's a short list of future changes:
- vegetation - mostly grass, maybe some more trees, but really few. Also, I will try to make nice distant landscape textures for use instead of many high-LOD trees which lower performance on slower machines.
- some bad looking polygons, especially on the "medium left narrows" after left junction surrounded with barriers (maybe 6,7 km)
- sky (thanks to zaxxon for sharing them :)
- maybe some more terrain blending with other colors
- better surface transitions (cross-overs) on the track route
- what else... you tell me, please :)

- I'm rather not planning to make junctions better... (besides the first right turn from tarmac to gravel) Too much work and you probably drive there too fast to see mistakes ;) The story of the track is long.. Shortly, I knew the video much earlier than even heard of BTB, always wanted to drive there. So, this was one of my first tracks. Some of the work was done, I'm still learning...

Thanks for your attention,
Have fun,




More changes will take place:
- more collidable trees/stones
- better road profiles at the edges (I decided to check how they would look with the game lighting, so I waited... too long ;)
Just forgot to mention in previous post.


Well, martinez, I'd say you're one hell of a talent, so shame about the license thing. Haven't got a chance to test the stage just yet, but the video is truly awesome.

And extra bonus points for pacenotes, I can already see it from the video that you've put some thought into them. If I have to be picky, probably some of the "jumps" (the first two "jumps" at least) should be "overcrests", but hard to say really from a video. The rule I'd have - without any true authority on the matter, of course - is that "jumps" are always on a straight, and "overcrests" are on the turns. To put it too simply.

So if the car is expected to be NOT straight when on the crest, it's "overcrest". If the car is going through the crest absolute straight (and therefore most likely flat out), it's a "jump". Whether you literally jump on the crest and spend some time on the air or not is irrelevant.

Otherwise I seem to have no "complaints" about pacenotes, you have used all the ingredients, even the distance calls are in place. So well done. Very well done.

Forgive me for my tedious theories. Maybe we all can have a good old argument about these jumps. Since I know nothing about working with BTB, I'd better concentrate on the pacenotes and FPS then. :)


There's nothing to forgive, you are right. More - I have similar "approach" to pacenotes - about overcrests and jumps. Then I need to mention two things:
- in 99% the only material I had to make this track was the video on YouTube with Leszek Kuzaj. (well, there's another one from the same rally and the same stage (still SS1 or SS5 - I don't know) with another great Polish driver Krzysztof Holowczyc, but I found it much later)
- that means I concentrated on pacenotes from there and had to transcribe them into the RBR "language" - how it could be "five minus" in RBR? I guess something between 5 and 4 :) So, if there was a "jump", so I did with pacenotes even if I (also) thought something different.
- Thinking your way I honestly did couple experiments with changing "jump" to "overcrest", but it was annoying to hear all the time: "overcrest, fifty, overcrest into four left, overcrest, seventy - over..." yes, it was over, shortly ;)
- third thing is that I really like when co-pilot talks much. That is giving me the mood of rallying :)
- fourth - I'm not self-willed - if most of people will want different pacenote somewhere - no problem :) I did it (the track) for fun and for share (if anybody likes it) and because I like RBR and also BTB so much!

off topic: the story of "five minus" is very funny in Poland (if you watch the real video from around 1:45, he (L.Kuzaj) uses funny sounding mixture of Polish and English (in translation he says "[that was not] five minus) - in whole situation when two Polish people use foreign language to communicate... But I know that before Magda Lukas (co-pilot) he had Erwin Mombaerts for the whole 2002, so for sure he was used to English pacenotes.

Thanks! This made me to think even more of the track.


You have good points there. And I actually watched that real-life video now for the first time, and it did have a lot of "jumps" and "big jumps", and therefore it's best to leave it like that you have it there. The problems do arise already from the oversimplified pacenote system in RBR. It'd have been cool to have different kind of jumps and overcrests, but can't be helped.

And, as it's a BTB track, everyone can make adjustments to pacenotes easily. I use nowadays finnish pacenotes, so I can experiment with it probably a bit more, if I feel it necessary after driving the stage. I can certainly understand how awful it would sound with "overcrests" coming out all the time.

You've certainly thought of everything. I like that. That's all I can say.

And about that polish crew using english, it's obviously funny, but not entirely unheard of. There was this Juha Kankkunen guy, who had a finnish co-driver Juha Repo after Nicky Grist had read his pacenotes (obviously in english) for a few years in the mid-90s I remember it was. And at the time, as they were driving a lot on the same stages, Kankkunen thought that there was no real need to do pacenotes all over again, he was so used to the english pacenotes anyway. So the new co-driver continued to read the pacenotes in english, which resulted in some classic onboard videos with pacenotes read in a true rally finglish accent.

Those were the days. They really were. :)


The test version will no longer be available in few days. Here is a short video from new WIP track:

Many changes:
- completely rebuilt terrain with all-new textures
- almost real Polish gravel, very detailed road surface, hard to drive, believe me or not - this is how Polish rally tracks feel like ;)
- couple new junctions (track configuration stays the same)
- new objects
- new vegetation, mostly photographed by me :) Still, some trees I took from original RBR vegetation (GB, Japan)

... and many more :)

I think I will manage to finish the whole thing till the end of vacation (august/september).
Well, a big work to do, indeed!
Wow, that's one beautiful looking stage, great work :o. And very similar to the real thing, nice. Too bad the trees in RBR don't cast shadows, would be quite interesting with those too :D

I would be crap on it, I like to slide a lot :D


Thanks! Yes, too bad for the shadows... But maybe in original format they will be - there's a distant future plan for that :) Also, during testing I realised that this track is also very nice to drive in backward direction. Since my dream is to make a serie of "Polish" rally (let's say 6 tracks, like in RBR), this one will be the first, backward direction will become #5 (on real Kormoran Rally in 2003 they drove two times the same direction I guess).
For now, I have three videos from the real track - all three completely different... ;) I put more energy to give the impression of Poland than to make it close to real world.


Some more work on the track - I still need to replace some buildings, add grass and couple objects (signs, more spectators, etc.) I'm spending much time now on optimising the whole thing. Hope I will share the track for testing soon! :)



It's slowing down since I have much work with playing (drums) lately... Just managed to make some objects in Sketchup, like these houses. They have around 120-150 polygons and use parts of original RBR textures and my own :) If you like things like that, I will share my objects xpack after my track is finished.


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