Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Roy Sutton, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Roy Sutton

    Roy Sutton

    Since Pitwall crashed its been boring, i don't know if any of you guy's was on there but its sad to see PW now having to be rebuilt. Although the idea of starting from scratch with everyone else doing the samething is a nice feeling its still sad. Before the crash i had been a member for about 16 seasons maybe even longer than that, i had never been in division 1. My game plan was to build my team up and get the cars developement high to around 90% overal for all parts and then push for division 2 which i had been in once and got relegated after the first season. I had never been relegated out of division 3 which is a good thing, although it was easy to loose ground in developement battles. So saving money wasn't to easy and that was my biggest problem, with PW 2.0 in the making i am looking to make sure i invest money asap so i can build the team up quicker and alway's get the benifits of having money available should i need it.

    Anyone else been a member, resigned up or looking to join PW?
  2. Thomas Dougherty

    Thomas Dougherty

    i haven't heard of it until now, it sounds interesting. and now that it has to be rebuilt what better time to join :D ? what is it? sort of a fantasy racing game?
  3. Adam Eggbeer

    Adam Eggbeer

    It is a Grand Prix manager game.

    I have been there for 4 years and manged to get myself into the top division before being relegated in what was the penultimate season. I think I almost secured promotion back to division 1 before the massive crash (never got to see the results from the final race :frown:). I will be back when it gets rebuilt as to me it was by far the best Grand Prix manager game out there, even better than those retail games you get. The planned upgrades that were lined up will now get put into the new version of the game which is only going to make it better. :)
  4. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    I was there too (Versa Racing). Ace game :p.
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