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  1. hippotastic


    Funny thing about pit-stops for me is the ghosting.

    I mention it as I got a pole in a wet qualify, got a nice Trulli train going whilst I was on the hard tires, and then when I entered the pits, Hamilton, who I had defended against for two thirds of the race, ghosted right by me. I was not impressed, and came out 3 places below him and about 10 seconds behind. Why try so hard to keep them behind you when that happens?

    Why have we got a pit stop bug at all when the AI ghost in and out of the pits? I have had a few occasions where the opposition are ghosted on my way out of the pits, and if I just ignore them, I can get three or four corners before they become solid again.

    I imagine this was done as there is a routine that runs when the AI pit. Hamilton went around the last corner way too fast and the AI would just nerf you out of the way if he was not ghosted. And rather than fix it, they ghosted the cars.

    So why a pit-stop bug? Why not ghost the cars in out and during the pitstop? Strange.
  2. John Robertson

    John Robertson

    it's extremely strange. also, at monte carlo coming out of the pits, staying in the pit lane someone ran into the back of me. and i got a penalty for causing an collision pit system is completely broken...just had a 15 sec pit stop at melborne as the lollipop guy held me while the entire pit lane passed by (1st place in lotus, 24th after exiting pit lane)

    this better be completely fixed for 2011 or i won't even consider getting it.

    i wonder how hard it would be to mod no collisions in pit lane?
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