Pit stop Strategy AI or voice commands

Mar 21, 2014
1) Has there been any talk of some type of adaptive AI strategy for your pitstops?

You decide to press the pit command.
Suddenly the race engineer comes over the radio....
"If you pit now, you will rejoin in 8th place" (based on everyone's current pace) "1 lap later, you will rejoin in 7th place" OR
"based on your current pace and tire wear, we suggest Prime (or Option) tires for best placement". Or
"If you pit now, you will come out in heavy traffic. Stay out 2 more laps for clear track"
Basically, your pit strategy is continually changing based on your position, pace, pace of competitors, traffic....

2) If you don't have enough buttons on your wheel, have you tried to hit a specific key on your keyboard with gloves on? I think I typed in Kate Upton's measurements while trying to hit all the mapped keys to pit.:p

How about voice commands?
Press a key to the engineer "Box Box Box", "prime tires", "repair damage" "confirm".... or something along those lines ....and the pit crew carries out your request.

Too complicated? :geek::geek::geek::geek: