Pit menu guide

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Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
finally bought a pukka copy of rfactor and now remember why after downloading the hooky copy that i just tried it and deleted it and instead stuck with toca and then gtr2, the menu system sucks as did the ffb, the ffb has now seen some great improvements but the menu system still sucks and is pretty hard for a newbie like myself to maneuver around especially the pit system.
I tried a pit stop and it looked like i could change tyres or take fuel but not both so it left me looking for the handbook and from it i found squat so guys does anyone know of a guide as to how to operate the pit menu?
Jan 14, 2009
Map a key/button to 'lcd mode'. Then while on track you can cycle through the different displays including the pit menu.

Pit menu - use the arrow keys up and down to select option, then arrow left right to change values. (one is able to change both fuel and tyres on same stop)

Also map pit request to a button, press when halfway around the track on the pit in lap and you will save a second or 2 on the stop.

Last tip - the fuel/laps prediction in setup menu is nearly always wrong. That is due to different modders making the tracks and mods. Just do your own fuel calculations during practice.


Apr 10, 2009
its annoying that on the lcd in order to change values you have to press to change value by 1. You cant just press and hold letting go when you need to. This sucks as if you realize that you need extra 30litres of fuel you need to press the damn button THIRTY times for it to adjust :-/
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