Persistent telemetry mod?

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  1. Sk3ptik0n


    I have started racing in a league on a weekly basis and coming from the world of GTR2, rFactor, iRacing, etc. I realized that I am missing having good info about my opponents telemetry in a bad way. In fact, I am not sure I understand the way the live telemetry works in this game as far as the cars surrounding you.

    I know it shows you a Gap every once in a while. Usually when I am not looking and the moment I remember and I look it disappears (was that a 1 or a 7?).

    Essentially I would love to have something that shows me where the cars ahead and behind me are. That alone would be nice.

    I am hoping that data is available in game (if I understand correctly, at some point you were only racing the cars you could see on screen and the others only run computer based lap times. That should not be the case anymore, but many are not convinced).

    Has anyone come up with a mod for this? Anything even close?

    Why doesn't codemaster want us to know how far ahead the car in front is?
  2. Salut Gilles

    Salut Gilles

    This game only gives you gap times between you and the 2 positions that are nearest to you. They don't appear long enough, and are only displayed after crossing each sector's boundary.

    If only their mini-map would display the position numbers of these cars that are nearest to your position, but alas.... it's Codemasters: If their incompetent game designers for this series decide that THEY don't care and that it's not important to THEM, tough luck... they have the monopoly, we don't have the choice...
  3. ParkYongLee


    Harsh words, Gilles. I have never played a racing game with such a feature nor would I need it. If it's something from the racing sim genre, ok, but blaiming CM to have incompetent game designers because of that seems ridiculous.