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"Permission to use your track" PMs?

Today I got a private message like this:


I'm no track builder or similar so I don't understand why I was supposed to receive this. Perhaps they confused me with someone else? Or this could be a spambot?


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
Could be both.

In case of fraud/spam:
You arent the creator, so dont tell your bank data or anything. The end. But before that, consider the second option:

It could be a valid request, because:
- IR eSports seems to exist and seems to be from India, too.
- Asking for permission is the thing do to and highly appreciated - unfortunately, many people/leagues dont do this, but they should.

In that case, they seem to have contacted the wrong person. Id answer exactly that or ask, what track they meant so we could help finding the original creator.