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Perfect Pedal and Thrustmaster Wheel System

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TheRealF1fanatic, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. TheRealF1fanatic


    Years ago I purchased a Perfect Pedal and have enjoyed the realism of true braking with the addition of well modified G26 wheel. I'm a huge F1 fan and Racing Simulator fan. My weakness is that I race on Playstation Platforms. I know I Know. Gaming consoles don't stay loyal to their customers by always supporting the hardware their customer base invests in. And that's naughty.
    I have a heavily modified G26 wheel system I love with the Perfect Pedal. Unfortunately the PS4 does not support the Logitech G26/27 system anymore but they do support the Thrustmaster systems.
    Ricmotech.com makes an adapter to plug in Logitech pedals into the Thrustmaster wheel base. I would be willing to change/upgrade my wheel system if I could keep my awesome pedals.
    I have been told tho, that the Perfect Pedal "might" not work with the adapter because the voltage would be reversed because it goes from high to low rather than low to high. And also because it works on 3.5 volts rather than 5 volts. Can anyone offer any insight to this from experience? I am faced with having to dump my most prized wheel system but I'd love to be able to save my Perfect Pedal. Thank you.