PC pCars Graphics Cards (Single / Crossfire / SLI)

Mar 21, 2014
Trying to start a thread so people can add their GPU info and the resulting fps in pCars.
That way people can search to see what graphics cards, generally, give what frame rates and quality. Old and new. Some of us can't afford to buy the latest and greatest stuff and a 2nd hand solution might be just what they are looking for.

2 x Radeon HD 6970
Purchased 11/2011

All tests were done using Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca) and Porsche Ruf GT3 car.
Low graphics settings with 2x AA (why? See final thoughts below).

1920x1080 resolution
Fullscreen (Crossfire mode - multi-gpu)
90 fps Low, 157 fps High .
I'm guessing around 110 fps average.
Graphics quality: Best of all the sims/simcades even on low.

Windowed mode (Non-Crossfire - single gpu)
37 fps Low, 50 fps High
Guessing around 40-45 fps average
Graphics quality: fps was very playable, but visually lots of jagged edges everywhere.
I wouldn't recommend this config.

5760x1080 (Eyefinity)
Fullscreen (Crossfire mode - multi-gpu)
57 fps Low, 75 fps High
Solid 60 fps or higher average
Graphics quality: Good framerates, Very good quality for low settings.
Steering became ULTRA sensitive. I am guessing that force feedback doesn't scale correctly between 1920x1080 and 5760x1080?
I am thinking I can play on medium settings and get playable framerates

Final thoughts:
I'm sure I could turn up the settings to medium or get a better mixture of medium and low settings to get decent frame rates and better video quality, but my top gpu overheats (104C)

I replaced the reference cooler with Accelero Extreme III triple fan coolers. Temps went down by AT LEAST 20C at idle and during gaming. My top gpu always ran 20C hotter than the bottom card in crossfire mode. Probably due to air restriction from the cards being so close together (they barely fit next to each other).

But 52C (lower card) and 104C (top card) both at 100% use - doesn't seem right.

Recently, I removed my cards a couple times for cleaning/testing. The Accelero Extreme III's, while great coolers, has weak mounting plate force (tighten more and you bend the plate). I may have shifted the cooler on the gpu during handling - which accounts for the timing between higher temps after removal and re-installation of the cards. I'll edit this point in the future, once I have re-applied thermal paste and re-installed the cooler on the overheating gpu.

Oh - and using updated drivers DOES make a difference. I saw a 10C reduction in temperatures using a new driver compared to an old one from 2013.