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Path for begginers in SIM Racing

Hello guys,

I’m beginner in SIM Racing world with zero experience and bought my first wheel, and I would like to ask your help to get some guidance in my first steps in SIM Racing world.

I bought the Logitech G923 wheel and a used H shifter, then Assetto Corsa plus Assetto Corsa Competizione. I like GT3 and other categories of cars and I intend to play online after get experience enough to be able to play fairly without crashing other players.

So, I started the career mode in Assetto Corsa with “Pro” realism mode with the Abarth 500, then Alfa Romeu Giulietta and BMW M3 E30. Now, I’m stuck in BMW Z4 E89 in Nurburgring. I noticed something wrong in the evolution of the career mode in terms of learning curve, I mean BMW Z4 is not a beginner friendly car. After some research I found people telling the career mode in Assetto Corsa is not the best path for beginners.

Now, I’m here to ask you guys, what is the path you recommend for beginners talking about the combination of car selection and track in order to learn and begin to play online? Is there a path you recommend? By path I mean the steps in terms of evolution like going from car X in track Y, then keep the car and change the track or keep the track and change the car… Next go a step ahead with a new car or track and so on.

I would appreciate your tips and suggestions.

Best regards


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
I wouldnt recommend the career mode. At all. I wouldnt even recommend AI racing, too.

Stay with one type of car. Start with an easy car! Many people jump right into GT3s or something like that, thats not going to help. Touring cars are nice. Cup cars are nice. GT4s could be something to check out. Formula Abarth is a single seater entry point.

And stay on one track at first, improve your driving technique there. Learning tracks is really important and you wouldnt believe how much time actually can be found. It also helps for later stages, when you switch cars. You have a familiar track you can immediatly feel the different behaviour of the car.

I recommend looking for a league. Obviously there are lots of competitve leagues with too tough competition for you at this stage, but also more casual style ones with drivers from every skill-level. Leagues are nice, because you have a) comparison to other drivers b) stick with one car for the whole season c) can practise fighting with others on track and d) train one track at a time and due to the competition youll stay motivated.
Some leagues have training servers where the times are noted, so you can directly compare your training times to others. That is a thing i love, thinking to have a good time, two days later some guy beat that time. I cant believe it, sit in the car again and try to beat that. Obviously hotlapping alone wont get you far, but its a good start.

A softer entry would be the club races here on racedepartment. I sometimes raced Abarth 500 there few years ago, thats racing as close as it can get. Beeing quick is easy, beeing fastet difficult. Different lines are possible, but you also have to drive clean. Mistakes will cost you, but not ruin anybodys race. They also are robust enough to be able to withstand contact - not that you seek that out, but in case it happens, its not much of a problem.

There was a similar question few days ago where I replied, which contains similar and some more information:
And stay on one track at first, improve your driving technique there. Learning tracks is really important and you wouldnt believe how much time actually can be found.
THAT is most important: Even if it's boring, try to really master one Car/Track combination. Especially on Assetto Corsa it's tempting to try out all the different Tracks and Cars (I know, I've been there before:D), but it's better to focus on one thing first. You'll learn a lot about Car control with the vintage Cars- Kunos' Alfa Romeo GTA or the Escort are my recommendations. And Spa is popular for a reason- it has a bit of everything.If you like ACC more, the GT4s at Spa can be a good starting point. You should also find plenty of public servers running Spa- after yo are really confident there, you could try your first online races.