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  1. nsrus


    I have after the patch number 2 and subsequent lost shadows and began to flicker viewers ((in version 1.0 of the net.V what could be the problem?
  2. Andy_J

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    What are you on about?
  3. Graham Laing

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    I guess the OP is talking about Microsoft Netframework 5 (V), which has been released as a preview, as the latest full release is 4.5

    As far as I know, I am 99.999% sure there is no requirement for any version of Netframework to be installed for this game.

    I have never known Netframwork to effect the graphics for any game or application, but I have known another programs to effect Netframework applications.

    In my case DxTory, the video capture program, which uses netframework. The whole interface was getting graphically corrupted, this tended to happen wherever you pointed your mouse in the application. It took ages to fix, but I found it in the end, just by stroke of luck. I used to use Radeon Pro, a graphics tweaking program for my video card, it booted with windows. When Radeon Pro was shut down, DxTory worked perfectly, no corruption.

    It was hard to find because I generally used both together, in F1 2011 using Radeon Pro to force a crossfire game profile for the game, and DxTory to record the races.

    Anyway ........... enough waffle for now :rolleyes: