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Oversteering out of curves (BMW E90)


Rocco Uder

Hey guys, i dont know what to do, i suck in Pau bigtime, because the car oversteers like crazy out of curves, my tires should be warm (5 rounds) and i already tried to make the rear dampers a bit harder, but it doesn´t work.

any hints please?

Jarrod Crossley

Feb 18, 2008
Taken from Brams post:

Ill try to make my E90 setups understeering a little bit. The real aliens all use oversteering setups that are way to twitchy for me. But having them understeered and with more grip it suits my driving style better

What i always try to do:
  1. Significant more frontspring then rearspring (for ex: 110/85)
  2. Higher front antiroll bar then rear (for ex: 90/15)
  3. More front toe then rear (for ex: -0.30/0.00) I mostly have rear toe on 0.00, gives me better grip out of corners then a positive toe.
  4. Always a little preload: 2 or 3
  5. On some occassions i even use more front height then rear (for example monza and oschersleben, with the high curbstones, for some reason my car seems more stable going over them in that setting)
Sep 9, 2008
I'm sure you've tried this already but what about smoother acceleration out of the turns and more apexing. I have found ((Especially in an F3000)) that I need to completely rework my pacing coming out of turns as it seems to always oversteer.

As I said I'm sure that I'm talking to someone who has already tried to rework his pacing but it's worth the suggestion

Rocco Uder

Thx alot guys, i´ll try Bram´s suggestions and yes i tried to watch my right foot when accelerating out of curves, but on slower tracks with slow corner i get trouble.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
The tips Jarrod posted suit my driving style yes. But i know a lot of guys love the oversteer as it suits their style. As always a setup is very personal. Good luck!

Edward Leake

I actually like oversteer and the way the E90 drives! :lol:

If you disslike oversteer try driving the Seat Toledo, it understeers standing still! :D

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