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    first ill say i hate understeer, i hate it so much that when i dream im racing after a long day playing(which next days just dreaming about it improves my time as real training) if i dream i have understeer its kind of a nightmare and im slow but if i have oversteer its a sweet dream in which im ultrafast

    well raceroom is the 1st game in which i can set up the car, at least the aquila fully oversteery in every part of every corner which is soooo great

    at least in get real mode, i dont like amateur mode for i find the cars hugely understeery in corner entry and mid corner, theyre usually fine in corner exit though id like it more nervous

    usually i do great in simbin games competing hotlapping against the world but i did horrible in other games what made me think in those other games people cheated, my mistake

    what was actually going on is that some games favour pilots who like oversteer and other games pilots who like understeer, i find that amateur mode favours understeer pilots while get real theres not real advanatge since one can fit the car to his style

    but i find oversteer vs understeer like a philosophy of life, oversteer means paying for your mistakes while understeer means get away with it, understeer lets the machine set the turning limits while with oversteer is more use the force luke and be the man who sets to what limit he wants to go and not the machine, is like oversteer would be a more responsable position than understeer

    seeing other peoples setup through these years id say that 90% of people are understeery people and just 10% oversteery

    i would say none is faster, but if the handle doesnt fit your style youll be slow

    so i hope they soon give prizes on get real mode so undertseery people dont get favoured as i think they do in the amateur mode
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    Conny Naslund

    It understeer as amateur mode has alot of artificial help from tractioncontrol, stability control, break support. All in good meaning, as it is there for the amateurs.
    It's the same for real cars in general, average joe does not know how to handle a car at the limit, thus, they need that support. A race driver will go nuts if they try getting a standard card with all support on go quick. They rather turn it off and go quicker, knowing how to controll the car manually.

    Oversteer vs understeer in general is a matter of personal preference. Some drive quicker oversteering, some don't. Usually it's down to oversteer requires much better throttlecontrol, which takes a while to aquire. I doubt any sim is better or worse in favour of the two ways.
    Agreed that some sime have better worse ffb that might make it easier to get the "right feeling"
    For oversteer, but often it's a matter of getting the car setup correctly from how you want it to drive.

    I do both, mostly depending of what kind of car I drive.
    Just my 2 cents ;)
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    maybe its not just oversteer and understeer whats is all about but definitly each car driving style and each game will favour some players over others depending on how is the pilot

    i recall hearing on tv a bike pilot who excelled and once it was ruled out to change tyre compound he sucked

    take this experience of mine i just had now, im playing but drop by to tell:

    i just tried for the 1st time the saleen and i could do no thing i was like 10 seconds of top time

    i tried the hillclimb free car on get real mode did a quick over setup and after the first lap i ever did with that car i got counted after four invalid laps i ranked 15 out of a thousand

    i wonder till what extend the key to succes is time and effort and to what extend aptitude for some of the top times drivers did few km