Opinion about MotoGP18...


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Jun 20, 2016
I did not purchase, but recently tried on some PC, so my impressions (mostly bad), I was even enraged:
Positive - physics on tarmac\asphalt is OK (but in grass, sand - still unrealistic), mouse in menus (ooh) - at last. But that's all...
1) Not much variability - the same couple of riders win. How many times it was said, but MILESTONE continue to ignore this. I saw in ridersperfomance.uasset - there is "RacePerturbation" parameter, it is in the engine of the game. WHY they put these values so small??? I think it is still around 0.002 (like in previous iterations). This value is too small. In MotoGP17 I increased it to 0.035, and then, say J.Mir in Moto3 sometimes dropped from pole to 9th during a race. Here - never, J.Martin always at the front. What's going on??? Imagining A.Arenas, L.Dallaporta win - impossible.
2) Crashes - laughable - non existant, respawn happens almost after 2 secs, bike is still in the air... hoops, and I (or AI) am back on the track. In motoGP17 I managed to increase this time even to ~20 secs! Here it is the worst ever.
So do not see why others are bothered by something like "Ducati" wings, when game itself is fundamentally flawed.
Unless someone cracks ridersperfomances.uasset tables.
And graphics - no better than MotoGP17 (except in rain), something's wrong there. I also did not see shadows from pit buildings, for example. In DX11 I think that's nonsense.
Also ther were bugs in standings, riders placed in lower positions than actually they were finishing...
I would dream about something like Assetto Corsa for bikes. No licence is even needed.
Saw some inmpressive BIKE SIM Experience, but will it have AI?