Online Tracks.

So I understand why some of the Addon tracks for Assetto are not run online due to limited garage space but others are fine so why am I not seeing any of the addon tracks for online play is there some sort of Unwritten rule that it is Bad manners to run non Assetto features or what ?
No unwritten rule to my knowledge, no bad manners. I think the official tracks have mostly higher qualitly, they were just there from the start, most drivers are more familier with them and provide therefore a better chance for filled servers. Look at our racing club, on average more sign ups for races on official tracks.

Fyi, I almost enjoy racing on the now more numerous created and released mod tracks more, than the official ones.
More tracks from Gran Turismo!
Great because I am just starting an Assetto Testing Server @ and don't want any Issues...

Is there a Specific place I should be posting all my online setup questions don't want to overdo things here.