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    Since 1 week or more im getting the not enough player some times, and i m getting kicked from the garage.

    Those are the mods that i use.

    -[RDDev] ArtGear 3.3 with "24 riders from the grill"
    -[RDDev] HUD Design 1.2
    -Realistic Tires update v3.1 ULTRA HD
    -F1 2010 RPM lights
    -Mix of truelight 1.2.09, realism hunter 2.07 & photorealistic mod 2.0.
    -Ron sandrin, raindrops
    -[RDDev] McLaren MP4-25 - SpEdit - UltraHD 3.1
    -[RDDdev] Ferrari f10 UltraHD v1
    -[RDDev] Redbull RB6 final - UltraHD (4096)
    -Lotus T127 Complete Retextured v1
    -HRT F110 v1.2 ABU DHABI [HD]
    -[RDDev] Mercedes MGP W01 - UltraHD v1
    -Toro Rosso HD
    -Renault HD Abu dhabi 2.1 final
    -Williams FW32 v1.1 ABU DHABI [HD]
    -Force India HD (Spa 4096)
    -Sauber UltraHD Suzuka
    -Virgin Racing VR-01 v1.1 ABU DHABI [HD]
    -Fix lotus shaders (copy of materials.xml from fe0 to lo0)
    -Better skies
    -2x brake light glow
    -Enhaced audio 1.0
    -Official Pit girl outfits

    Any of those produce online mismatch ?
  2. Fahad Gaffoor

    Fahad Gaffoor

    i have used the RDDEV mods.. didnt cause problems.. except for the AI.. but im not sure about the other mods..
  3. Mark Spaeth

    Mark Spaeth

    I'm only aware of the ai mods and the track advertisement mods as being problematic. However, they result in you not being able to sign on. Have you tried removing the mods and trying to connect?
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