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Not very CLOUDy over here

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by low_Fuel, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. low_Fuel


    Hey guys
    I'm new to the forum so please do not be offensive if I did something wrong.

    But to the problem:
    Every time I try to open F1 2012 I recieve a message that the autosave datais not the same which is saved in the Steam Cloud. It's pretty annoying to have in mind that every time when I open the game all my data is lost, here is exactly what happens:
    Doubleclick on F1 2012 icon
    Wait a few seconds until the above describe message pops up.
    I didn' I have done something wrong here, didn't I ? :D
    I found a way to start the game by loading the autosave from my PC up to the Steam Cloud, the message closes and I only see a window which is saying me F1 2012 is starting. Then I have to click on abort. Thereafter I have to click on the desktop icon again and another message pops up telling me that if I'm playing the game now, there is a chance that all my game data is lost. NOTE: It is not the same message that I recieved before.Again click on abort and then on the desktop icon again and then finally the game opens without any other pop ups or issues, autosave works and no data is lost.
    Do you experienced the same or know how to solve the problem?

    Help is appreaciated!


    low_ Fuel
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    Retired Staff Premium

    Hard to get my head around exactly what happening to you.

    The Steam cloud is more trouble than it's worth really. If you profile becomes corrupted when the game is saved, then that corrupted profile gets uploaded to the cloud too. :thumbsdown:

    The Steam cloud is really there to enable those that are away from home, perhaps playing on a laptop (for example), to install Steam on their laptop, and synchronize the game saves and settings which are on your PC, onto your laptop. That way you can continue a game from where your left off on the PC, but away from home.

    I would disable the cloud for this game. In fact CM recommended disabling it at one stage during the past few weeks.

    To do this, start Steam and right click on the F1 2012 game in your library, select 'properties'. Click on the 'updates' tab, and deselect the 'enable steam cloud synchronization for F1 2012'

    Now the game will just rely on the game save files stored within the Steam userdata folders.

    EDIT: Here it is:-
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  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Also, disabling the cloud will make it easier to have a backup of your saved game at the ready. If the Cloud is enabled the data on your hard drive might not be the most current version (for whatever reason) and you'll run into trouble if said files are being corrupted. I heard that happens, from time to time. :)
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  4. low_Fuel


    Thank you very much for the replies, didn't that I can turn it off. :)