No turn in high speed wheel problem

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  1. William Mills

    William Mills

    Hi folks,

    I have a fanatec 911 turbo s with clubsport pedals.

    All was well last night but today I have a very strange problem.

    At low speeds or stationary my wheel works fine. Turn the wheel and the on screen wheel does the same.
    At high speeds I turn the wheel but the on screen wheel doest react in the same way. Its almost like I have MASSIVE understeer

    This inst specific to any mode or car or track tested with many different set ups.

    I am using these settings:

    On wheel

    Sensitivity: 270
    FFB 100
    Shock 100
    Drift off
    ABS 85
    Linearity 0
    Deadzone 0
    Damper 3

    Game settings

    Steering deadzone 1
    Steering saturation 5
    Steering linearity 5
    Throttle deadzone 1
    Throttle saturation 1
    Brake deadzone 1
    brake saturation 10

    Mostly as recommended by Codemasters for fanatec wheels

    Has anyone else had this problem? More importantly can anyone offer any advice?


  2. remydeleeuw


    In advanced settings there is an option to overide, set it to wheel.
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  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    Without the override, the controller defaults to a setting more tuned towards hand controllers, with their lack of fidelity/precision. A bit like a damper, to prevent wild swings in steering control because of over enthusiastic thumbs :)