No F1 on Hockenheim anymore


Wido Rossen

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At a stakeholders meeting on Tuesday, it was decided that the city of Hockenheim will no longer host the German grand prix.
“We will not be the promoters any more,” city mayor Dieter Gummer, ruing annual multi-million euro losses, is quoted as saying in the German press.

However, he was also quoted as leaving the door open to investors or a new promoter.
Gummer said discussions with Bernie Ecclestone are taking place, and that the F1 chief executive has put into writing his desire for a solution to be found.
With Hockenheim alternating Germany's annual race with the Nurburgring, it is now possible that the country will not appear on the 2010 F1 calendar.

Xosé Estrada

Aug 10, 2007
They will find a solution.

5 mins before announce FIA-FOTA agreement Briatore was saying the situation was in a non-return point... somebody will come up with the money.

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
i seem to be in the minority being a fan of the shorter circuit. Yes the blast thru the forest was great but this was still a good wee circuit - very challenging imo.

nurburgring is a good full time replacement though.