no damage?

I don't understand, I'm using the Get Real settings and mechanical damage and full visual damage but nothing happens when I hit a rock with my BMW M1 Pro Car at Lakeview Hillclimb.

What is going wrong?

I got this today after numerous hard crashes with the AI. I'm not sure when exactly it happened..i just remember seeing smth flying off in my rear mirror.

I really hope there will be more mechanical issues than gearbox malfunction in the future.
Like tire and engine blowouts, damper, steering and wing failures, etc.

Also a more sensitive and realistic damage model, with total wrecked cars that can't be restored in the pit. (when pit stops are available in game that is)
Now you can take quite nasty hits, without getting a bump and just drive of.

Really like the moments in Race 07 when you driving past a smoking IA car at the side of the track!
And the racing experience are so much more tense and exciting, when you know that a to big hit will cost you the race!


Make love not war!
I noticed a weird visual effect racing yesterday. After an exodus in the gravels and re entry in the track after a while my hood just disappeared and that was only in replays it was not noticeable when driving from the cockpit view .