NLR v3 turns off under heavy braking - HELP!

dave kirk

Nov 8, 2016
Under heavy braking - 65kg load cell - the motion platform will turn itself off and then back on, I assume it is the extra force of the pushing back into the chair that is overloading the system, does anyone else have this issue?


Nov 7, 2010
Yes, I had that issue and spent a while trying to solve it. At first I thought it was a hardware issue and replaced the USB hub / made sure that the drivers were up to date. This seemed to help a bit, but I dunno if that was just placebo.

Eventually got there by making sure the surge effect wasn't too high in the NLR software, and also adjusting my technique. I found it did it most when I 'panic braked', ie I realised I was too late braking for a corner and just stomped on the brakes and tensed up. I realised I was locking my elbows, pushing back against the wheel and fighting against the effect for the NLR motion. Bringing the wheel slightly closer and making sure my elbows were always bent helped, but also trying to go with the motion rather than fight against it.

My pedals are only CSL elite load cells so I don't know if the effect is more common with higher end pedals that need more force, but for me personally it was definitely how I braced myself against the wheel that caused it.

I've gone from it happening several times a race to not at all.

Not sure if this will help you, but hopefully it does! First thing I'd do is check your settings and make sure surge isn't too high.