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    The 3rd and last addition to the world series Precision Motorsports team is the well known FSR commentator Nick Rowland. Nick, having upped his game this year in GPVWC, finishing 2nd overall and winning the constructors championship is keen on experiecing simracing from another level. With his vast technical knowledge, passion and dedication he will be a great asset to the team.

    Nick, besides commentating, raced in FSR from 2008 to 2010 with moderate success. The contract was signed for 1 year with an option for 2014.

    The team has caught up with Nick to ask him a couple of questions about the recent transfer.

    You are returning to FSR as a driver after a 2 year break. Especially in 2012 you have improved a lot as a driver. How do you feel about your chances in 2013 and what in your view are main qualities you bring in Precision Motorsports?
    After two years away from FSR, as a driver, I know that my return is going to be a massive challenge. I have just come off the back of my most successful year in Sim Racing and in joining Precision Motorsports I hope that I can build off my success and further my career even more. This is an opportunity that I thought I would never get but I also want to make the best of the opportunity given to me and contribute to Precision Motorsports success even further. The qualities I feel I bring to the team are a good technical knowledge and my ability to bring in consistent points for the team. I endeavour not to just work hard on track but also hard off it to help and support the team around me. I am a fond believer of you can always learn something new and I get the chance to now learn from the best.

    After spending some time with the team, what are your first impressions?
    Impressive. Very impressive. The depth and attention to detail is exceptional and something I have never come across previously. The team gets on very well and while there is plenty of banter it is clear to see that the team work as a unit and strive for a common goal, world championships. I have been particularly impressed by the plans for 2013 are already fully underway and we have only just finished 2012. You can see why Precision are the team they are and where the success of the team stems from.

    What do you expect from joining Precision Motorsports in the future?
    Development. I firmly believe that I can develop further as a driver but also I can contribute a little something to the team to help them progress also. I am not expecting miracles but I expect that the hard work put in will be very rewarding and I am eager to get out on track regularly with the team to gain experience. It is a walk in to the unknown but I am very much looking forward to it.

    Team owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "I got to know Nick back in 2008 after he joined FSR and since then he showed that he is a very valuable member of the simracing community. Despite him not being the fastest driver he was on our watchlist for possible recruitments for quite some time but it was only thanks to his impressive performance during the 2012 season in gpvwc as both a driver and teammanager that we decided to make him an offer. I´m sure we can help him to improve as a driver and that he will be able to contribute to the team with his experience."

    Team manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "I have known Nick since the infamous ultimate simracing failure hancockGP in which we have been both involved unfortunately. He is a great guy and has fit in the team very well already. I have no doubt that with our help he will have his best ever season in simracing and score some good results, as well as help us pursuing our goals in both WS and WC."

    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by Ondrej Kuncman
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    Great to see Nick back here :)