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New wheel/pedals help

Hi guys, that time with RF2 and the forthcoming AC that's got me thinking I need to upgrade my wheel.

Currently have the G25 set and as much as I would like a T500RS I simply dont have that much cash (!!!) so have looked at the Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel EU.
Now they have an adapter to use with my G25 pedals (which I'm fine with) or is it worth the extra cash and get the CSR Pedals EU with the wheel too? (they currently have a deal, 250 euros for the two)
Also is there a way of getting the CSR linked to the G25 Shifter or make this work on its own somehow?

I came from a DFP to the G25 (interested in views going to a CSR) and have had this now for 3-4 years cant remember exactly, if there's better out there than the CSR then do please shout

Forgive my complete ignorance as to what's decent and what's not....that's why I'm here asking :)
Thanks in advance


I had a CSR when they first came out. To be honest, I didn't really get on with it. I then had a G27 which was a great wheel but had to sell that unfortunately. I now have a TS500 which is a beast and I love it. The problem I had with the CSR, they keep bringing out new firmware updates that were beta releases and I was never able to really get my wheel set up right. I also found the steering to be lumpy as well. If you're on a budget then G27 over the CSR in my opinion :thumbsup:
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