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David Shea

Tracks for f12007 for evo

Hi My name is david shea and i have been a sim racer forever. I have been racing gtr2 for awhile and have started racing other sims. I have 1 question about the tracks that evo/F12007 Mod are using. I was wondering if there is a track pack. I dont want to d/l alot of tracks just to get mismatches. thanks.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I'm afraid not. Its doesn't generally happen that way with Race07 as with GTR2 tracks are not mod specific. Most tracks do not have duplicate releases other than their on version release (v1, v2, v3 etc..), Have a browse through the download section here being sure to download the most recent additions of the tracks you want. You will find they are widely used throughout the servers you will find in game.
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