Need help with making a buttonbox

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Daniel Tonsberg, May 28, 2011.

  1. Daniel Tonsberg

    Daniel Tonsberg

    Im currently looking into the idea of building myself a buttonbox, but im afraid im rather hopeless when it comes to building stuff. Ive read a couple of tutorials and looked at some topics around on the forums, but I could use some help with finding shops to buy from ( I live in norway so it has to be shipped over seas most probably )

    Ive made a schematic in paint so I can show what im after

    I have already a Universal Joystick Controller BU0836X so im hoping everything (except the symproject stuff) will go on that board.

    First off, the buttons; The knitter buttons from leo bodnars site works just for for that I guess? But the small buttons im after, where can I find those ?

    Secondly, switches; does anyone got some good tips on where to find those ? and the safety switch is it possible to use that as a starter for the car ? the best thing would be to get a switch that dont flip up but has to be hold up by force (like turning the ignition)

    Third and last, the rotary encoders; The leo bodnar ones work just fine for my cause right? I was thinking of getting one with a rotary and push function (to adjust and reset FOV) But do I need to buy some button "caps" or what its called for these ? or does it come with that ?

    Regarding the Sym Projects stuff, Is it possible to link them together ? or do I have to use 3 USB cables on this box ?

    Im just asking for help with the shopping in the beginning, im sure ill need help with putting it all together later on.

    Well I hope someone is willing to help a noob out.
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I know for a fact that the toggles are available that have safety covers and are relatively inexpensive. There are also a lot of manufacturers that make momentary on toggles that require you to hold the toggle in the on position in order for it to stay on. This would simulate the starter, though you can also get momentary on buttons that might be more realistic. Using the safety switch for the ignition and the momentary on button for the starter you would be setup pretty much like a real car, but the momentary switch would work as well.

    If you don't have a decent hardware store that has those switches, then try and commercial trucking parts distributor, they should have what you are looking for.
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