Need advices for a new sim racing game project

SR Chok

Jul 14, 2018

I have the project to create a new sim racing game. I have some questions about the development, budget, the skill I need, etc.

I want merge the IsiMotor (rFactor physic C++ code) into the Unreal Engine 4, this is the fundation of the game. It's possible ?

After I will create two or three tracks and cars, but the game will be open to modders like Assetto Corsa or rFactor, and I will add new content after the release.

I want information about the team I need, and the time I need to create this sim racing game.

I think I will start with this team :
1 x Senior C++ Developer-Engineer (+5 years)
3 x C++ Developer (0-2 years)
1 x 3D Designer (2-5 years)
1 x Sound designer

With this team, what is the time of development I need to release the game ?


Sorry for my bad english (I'm french).
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