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Neck FX settings for VR

Hi guys,
As I don't want to use RHM, can anyone post his settings for Neck FX, pls... I know this request has been posted many many times on the discord channel.... but very hard to get a clear answer......Thx in advance


I'm interested in this as well. When I put this on in the CM, the shaking is just too much. There are too many settings to get a clear idea of what is doing what. Would someone be willing to share their settings?


Card-carrying mod whore
Try these for a RHM-type feel in VR:

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
Neck FX might not have been made with VR in mind, even though it has been made compatible to VR in the menu.
Lock To Horizon works well, not perfect, for me in VR. I have tried, but never succeeded to get Neck FX to work for me.
Same here a Cote Dazur. I use "lock to horizon" with my VR and works well for me. Although it will only work in Cockpit view. Does not work in other outside views. I always do cockpit view anyway, unless I need to check out some of the scenery when doing my modding. Some tracks nothing seems to help the bounces/roughness on the tracks. Good luck in whatever you use.

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