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EU Nascar @ Riverside - Saturday 23 Nov 2019

(Don't want to drag this on, but do I get it right people actually have a "gearbox" option in the car's tuning menu? Yes, the one in the showroom. Because while I have a variety of options there, gearbox isn't one of them.)

Daniel R.

Hmmm.... Have to check again... There was something with ratios I'm sure!!

Well if I should be wrong I'm sorry for ist...

We'll see tomorrow

Tero Dahlberg

I just asked if you guys use Liveracers, and then you started quoting regulations to me like I did something wrong asking a simple question! It's like invasion of the body snatchers around here. Weird people here at RD. If your not going to talk about laptimes then ok, don't act like I did something wrong :confused:.
You got a more informative answer than required. And instead of typing up and paraphrasing the rules you got a copy-paste of the appropriate section of rules.

Nothing wrong at all with your question. It was the next post that kicked things of and was uncalled for.
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Oh dear, it was quickly over for, I think around about 10 laps..I had an incident with @Martin Fiala ( it was my fault Martin, I was moving over to get into the pints) ..seconds after that my son spilt boiling tea down my leg, yes it hurt like hell.

Shame about the tires red hot after two laps this can't be right?

Congrads to the podiums :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and all that finished :thumbsup:

Hope to see you all next week :thumbsup:
Well, they're weird cars, but fun if you work with the setup a bit (or at least I had to, though I have no idea what half the things available in these even do) and get used to them. Shame there wasn't more of us, near the end, people were obviously waiting for each other just to have a bit of a race ;) :(

@Craig Dunkley Yeah, I saw you go kinda wide and thought that I might make the pass on the inside, but then you kinda cut across (from my point of view, it looked like you might've lost control a bit after going wide, but I guess going for the pits explains it as well) and I just couldn't respond fast enough. Then I saw you go to the pits and stay there, so I was worried I ruined your race. Hope your leg is OK, that certainly doesn't sound fun at all...
Martin said: "near the end, people were obviously waiting for each other just to have a bit of a race"

That was me Martin saving fuel, I didn't want second place to catch me but I knew I would of run out if i kept pushing, so I had to slow way down...turns out I had .1 gallons left at the end. But Kresh caught me on the penultimate lap just before the big bowl turn and I couldn't pass him back because my tires were cold. Good race Kresh, you beat me on strategy! I knew fuel was going to be an issue. I should of pitted after you did Kresh and did a splash and go, then I would of got you:confused: (my tires felt fresh even at the end).

Thanks Craig, this was an excellent old school combo:)
Me passin Dunkley.png

Me getting around Dunkley

Kresh leading lap 7.png

Kresh leading lap 7
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