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Save Game My Summer Ruscko [Deleted]

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ploin submitted a new resource:

My Summer Ruscko - The satsuma has been sold, you only have your trusty rust bucket

It's evening and as you're going to the toilet you think to yourself:"I need my own car."

But your parents have sold the Datsun (optional) and left you with a large sum of money. You call fleetari and he agrees to restore ventti pig's old RCO, IF you manage to win it. The money should easily be enough to acquire it though.

It is your job to get the Ruscko and let it be restored, without the Satsuma (again optional).

Sorry for not posting pictures, I couldn't get them...

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I don't enforce copyright on my mods, and I'm not here to shut you down, or copystrike you, but you did reupload my mod and other mods. Can I have my name in the description of this? Just put "Jimmy Coe (iwin212) - Disable Satsuma"

I'm totally fine with it being there, but the other guys... they probably aren't gonna be so happy about it though.
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