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Discussion in 'My Summer Car' started by Paul Jeffrey, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    My Summer Car August Update.jpg
    Catch up on the latest happenings and changes with the August 2018 update for My Summer Car here!

    It's been a little while since My Summer Car was updated, April 30th to be exact, but that doesn't mean the game has been left to drift along without any care or attention, far from it in fact. Developed by a select group of one, My Summer Car is one of those games that you just enjoy playing and watching it grow from a funny idea into something rather more substantial - usually receiving the most bizarre of change logs in the process.

    The new August update is no exception to this, adding plenty in the way of fixes to the title whilst also sneaking in one or two new features and changes such as... playing not dying from fatigue.., or new grilling systems... because why not, hey?

    You can check out the full change log below:

    August 18 Update Notes
    • WARNING 1: Valve adjustments have changed, be careful not to rev the car until you or Fleetari has fixed it!
    • WARNING 2: Satsuma 3d model has changed, so delete your meshsave.txt file to avoid graphical glitches
    • Fixed issue (again) with in-game clock not working correctly when sleeping
    • Fixed issue with front wheel alignment resetting into incorrect angle upon every game load
    • Fixed issue with Teimo sometimes heading back to home right after opening the store
    • Fixed several bugs with tires when they were replaced by Fleetari while installed to the car
    • Car should now slide less when on top of a Floor Jack
    • Fixed issue with battery terminals self-tightening the bolts in some cases
    • Fixed FPS slowdown issue when having random objects under Satsuma wheels
    • Fixed free fuelling exploit
    • Increased useful battery life when running engine without working Alternator
    • Highway traffic is now more randomized
    • Decreased possibility of AI car veering off to oncoming lane towards Player
    • Added Fuel Oil pump to Teimo store, note that it is in most cases illegal to use Fuel Oil as Diesel alternative
    • Fuel prices are now subject to change
    • Player does not die from fatigue anymore, instead getting sleepy or getting black outs (shake mouse to wake up from blackout)
    • Added new grilling system, grilling with open fire makes food burn, so grill on embers instead
    • Added Brick Grill (uses Firewood) to Cottage and moveable Ball Grill (uses Charcoals)
    • Dead moose can be now chopped into meat chunks with Axe
    • Moose meat can be eaten after it has been grilled, similarly to fish
    • Moose travel paths are now much more randomized
    • Added garbage barrel to burn trash
    • Added alternative mounting point for the Tachometer on top of the Dashboard
    • Added Satsuma charge warning light to indicate if Alternator is not charging properly
    • Adjusted Satsuma valve settings, you might need to re-adjust valves or make Fleetari do it
    • Made Satsuma valve adjust more precise with smaller tolerances and decreased loose play at both ends
    • Adjusted Satsuma engine heat output, overheats easier now
    • Satsuma Grille and Hood options now affects engine air flow cooling efficiency
    • Getting suspension damage from crashing might now also cause tire puncture
    • Improved both Truck and Tractor Parking Brake systems
    • Added Beacon light to Truck
    • Added Saturday night "dance" and related fist fight mechanics
    • Grandma can now call about food deliveries
    • Fixed bug with not being able to light a cigarette while sitting on a chair
    • Added Coffee Pan for making coffee on open fire or grill
    • Made kitchen stove hot plates functional
    • Fixed issue with Cigarette causing a fire even after dumping the Cigarette but outhaling smoke
    • Added visible smoke before Player's house bursts into flames
    • Added smoke detector
    • Map changes
    • GUI changes
    My Summer Car is available exclusively to PC now.

    Don't forget we have a great sub forum for My Summer Car here a RaceDepartment. A nice place to discuss the title with fellow fans and download some of the great mods that are available, head over to the My Summer Car sub forum and get yourself involved in the action!

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    What are your impressions of the new update? Do you like My Summer Car? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. FeltHat


    wow, that gtr3 :roflmao:

    but seriously, great update, good pace, good improvements, love the game
    Added Coffee Pan for making coffee on open fire or grill :inlove:

    #fun fact from Finland:
    Janne Ahonen, one of ski jumping champions from the country loves cars and racing and do some drag racing :sneaky:
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  3. sbtm


    So apparently MSC is more important to post than GTR3 interview. :cry:
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  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Keep on topic chaps please. This thread is for My Summer Car discussion. The GTR3 interview will publish soon as the images are provided by SimBin.

    Now let's get back on topic please :)

    Oh and a disagree on the OP? Disagree, about what? You disagree the update is out :roflmao:
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  5. Pierrelachaise


    Hi there,
    has nobody else got the FPS-problem, when Modloader is installed?
    As the update is (quite) the same as the experimental-beta-version where the problem was already apparent, is there any idea to fix it?
    Best, Mark
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  6. Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer

    Do like this one, it's just like real life. Come home from work, go to shed, do stuff, end up drunk and injured. At least it doesn't hurt as much on the pc.
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  7. Barracuda 318

    Barracuda 318

    I love this game! I don't actually own this game, and I have never played this game
    but I love this game! (I saw it here, watched some vids, and cracked up laughing!)
    so I guess now is the time to go buy it, (being all updated and stuff, ya know)
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