Music Maker? We Have A Podcast Competition For You!

Alex Harkett

I don’t think anyone commented on this thread with the intention of belittling the effort that goes into composing or musicianship.

And obviously I can’t speak for the guys on the pod but I’m almost certain that this wasn’t their intention either.


Say that to the guy that put the bricks of your house. Sure he has fun doing it. Doing this kind of things some works are slowly dying.
Sure this web doenst need complete pro jingle, I don't mean that, I only saying that being a composer is a work, doing it for free it's not right.
But I am ok with the contest anyways. I said, just to put some visibility and give the importance they have to composers or any other "my friend does it" job.
If I build something every other week for each of my friends at their houses for free and 3 of them are construction workers, I'm sure they would gladly put up some walls for my house when I decide to split some rooms differently.

The podcast is free, the creators don't get money out of it.
If some people feel they'd like to do something with a purpose in their free time while enjoying their hobby, why not?

I'm sure shredator would play his guitar whether or not recording something for this.
But I'm also sure he enjoys having a little purpose while doing it.

Same for me btw. I used to record metal covers with programmed drums etc.
But now I don't have the time to record anything and I'm just playing along to songs I like.

Every now and then I get the raw audio from the podcast and throw it into my Cubase presets.

I like that these presets and my skills are still used for something nice. Instead of just laying around on my computer.

Here's a demo of one of my covers:
Guitars & bass played by me. Drums are programmed click by click with pronunciation (velocity) for each single hit on anything.

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I heard that superior library heheh. The work for me is really good, mostly a good player makes everything easy, and you are. You used somehitng like 6 guitar records over there!

Just put in value your work man! that guitar playing must be tons of study and practice!

(Reaper is not free, but they let you use it If you don't pay).
Yeah it's recognizable, but not for average guys :p Plus I copypasted mix etc. from old project. Well I played since kid, over 25 years. But never made a living with it, music is therapy to me. I don't practice that much anymore, but as younger guy I of course did

And true Reaper is not totally free (I have the full version ofc).

I kinda see your point too, when the jingle composition is very good and pro mastering etc. for something very serious/known company etc. It annoys me when people say musician is not a real job

Edit: But anyway, back to topic

Edit 2: Have to say Rasmus, that's really tight rhythm guitar playing. Damn man, well done. You should post something for the contest too :D And Stefano lol (he is really good player actually)

For example from there onwards, 30 seconds of improvisation that would work as jingle just fine.
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Manhattan, KS
Don't get too upset at the people calling this out, it's not like they don't have a point. I suspect the argument is split fairly close to the line between "those who have worked in a creative field" and "those who haven't." You in the latter group, please try to understand that it resonates with most of us in the former. We know firsthand what kind of investments we've made to reach the point where things like this "look easy."

That being said, I don't see a problem with this request. One would be excused for thinking of RD as a business but it's obvious it's really not. There's nothing wrong with a little pro bono work now and again, no matter who you are. We all get something out of RD, it's OK to give something back.

I seriously doubt anything here has quite the vibe you're looking for (bit low energy for a racing theme, most of it) but if you hear anything you like on the page you're welcome to it. I have neither the time nor the inclination to get in the studio properly to do custom work, but what's there is yours. :)
I dm
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I am an events volunteer here, I'm not begging for anything. I don't work for RaceDepartment, have no involvement in the podcasts or operation, and I have no relation to this post. I just independently think the complaint is ridiculous.

Furthermore, I demand proper documentation to be shown that RaceDepartment is indeed an actual department! Send nudes org charts.