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Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Mingus, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Mingus


    I'm trying to host and join a multiplayer game. I'm using racer 0.8.15 with crossover or wine. But racer tells me I'm not connected. Is it cause crossover/wine can't see my internet connection? or do I have to change some settings. I want to use it with two crossover/wine-using computers...
    If this is impossible, would it be possible to do it with an early mac version of racer v0.5.0 or (both computers are mac)
    As far as I know, I cant connect there either:(
  2. macracer


    A late answer:
    050f works with multiplayer. But only two macs. You have to turn off firewall on host and host should have a fix IP adress, for those create a new network environment and try (TCP/IP).
    Then open racer.ini from joining mac, scroll down to "multiplayer" and enable=1.
    server_remote= should be host IP; use_remote=1 and the other leave like it is.

    Now join both macs, open racer, host and join.

    On 054 the same. With Crossover I didnĀ“t try.

    Good luck
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