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multiplayer comparison to assetto corsa?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Brent Mills, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Brent Mills

    Brent Mills
    Brent Mills

    For those who have both, how would you compare the multiplayer in terms of race availability and diversity, and how clean the driving is. Eg in assetto corsa there are mino-rated servers which automatically ban the wreckers, is there anything similar in project cars?
  2. Adam#81


    Not on regular servers. There is a service similar to minorating, but I never looked for it and I can't remember the name.

    Generally the multiplayer is a mixed bag. You have your amazing people and you have your wreckers. Best way to avoid those people is to enter races with qualification periods that are not really short and even if they enter, they get told by other players and they get kicked. BUT, you can't avoid them altogether.
    The available races are more diverse, as you might imagine. There are a lot more tracks and more categories of cars you don't find in AC. The preferred class is GT3 hands down and then comes Road A. The favourite tracks are SPA, Nurburgring, Nordscheife, Imola and Monza. Then usually Oulton, BrandsHatch and Banochbrae. Not enough American tracks if you ask me... If you feel like running a certain track, obviously you can create one right there. Even if it doesn't fill up quickly, start the practice/qualify and people will join. There are also a few 24h Nordschleife (some other 24h ones, but i don't enter those) that keep records of previous drives per car, your best, car best etc. It's quite fun.

    Most of the people are nice, will give you setup tips if you see they are really fast and will just want to race, wreckers of course will be part of the play at some point. It's great if you want to have some quick fun and not spend 1hr in practice like some servers in AC..
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