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Skins MP4/4 Livery for McLaren 720s 1.1

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Martin Rowntree submitted a new resource:

MP4/4 Livery for McLaren 720s - A McLaren 720s livery inspired by the classic MP4/4. Never done this livery before so thought I'd go

My attempt at the MP4/4 livery. I added the Loctite logo as well from the 1995 car just as the bargeboards were looking a little bare and the Senna signature on the rear quarter panel as a small tribute to the great man. Please feel free to comment on what could be improved. I'm only just learning photoshop!

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Hi, after adjusting your directory names, it works and looks great. The 'Livery' should be named 'Liveries' and your 'JSON' should be named 'Cars'. Keep it up. Love it.