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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    Playsport Games have deployed the very first update to the recently released Motorsport Manager title, bringing the game up to version 1.1 and adding some nice enhancements to this hugely popular motorsports management simulation.

    With a release as recent as November 9th, it is pleasing to see the development team behind Motorsport Manager are listening to feedback from players and adding impressive post launch support to this exciting new game. Build 1.1 deployed today via the Steam network, adds an impressive list of fixes and enhancements to the simulation. Work on the game AI has received particular attention, with opponents now reacting in a much more believable way when weather conditions are mixed or cars are in a blue flag situation. Other interesting updates include a variety of minor fixes to some outstanding niggles during interaction moments with some game characters (such as promotion targets and Chairman happiness after strong results) plus various miscellaneous fixes to several areas of the title.

    Perhaps easy to miss in the sizable changelog notes is the early tease from the studio that "we will continue to support the game with further patches and some very exciting new content (which we're keeping under our bonnets for now)". Interesting times ahead it seems for fans of the game in the near future....

    Version 1.1 Changelog
    • Improved weather simulation
    • Fixed car water spray appearing too early, it now appears when the track is wet enough for inters or wet weather tyres
    • Improved blue flag AI
    • Improved AI switching to intermediates and wets
    • Fixed a standings demotions bug relating to parts being banned
    • Fixed an issue where maximum performance was not being taken into consideration on new season car parts
    • Fixed initial game car stats
    • Fixed a bug where if practice ended with rain, the first screen that showed the race was also raining, even if the weather was sunny
    • Fixed an issue where changes to the livery were not reflected in race (still showed the default livery)
    • Fixed an issue where cars would repeatedly jump positions in standings without overtaking cars
    • Fixed an issue where if a driver won a race, but got demoted due to illegal parts being discovered, the social media still thought they had won.
    • Fixed issues with promise traits
    • Extra Wide screen support for car design screen
    • Fixed incorrect team orders commentary message where driver who is allowing the other to pass actually overtakes the other driver.
    • Fixed the triggering of the "Blag Flag" achievement
    • Fixed an issue where the safety car would sometimes not return properly to the pit
    • Fixed an issue where the celebrity dating trait thread had missing variables
    • Fixed instances where the financial graph stopped working
    • Fixed an issue where the 5% discount for the player financial background wasn't being taken into account when calculating whether or not the player could afford something
    • Fixed an issue where the chairman would expect unrealistic placement targets after a promotion
    • Fixed cars clipping underneath the pit floor in Black Sea
    • Fixed AI braking sharply when going past a car exiting the pits
    • Fixed Drivers giving opposite downforce feedback during practice
    • Added a lap counter for selected driver
    • Can no longer vote for a new race location if that location already appears twice in the race calendar
    • Fixed an issue where the chairman's happiness would decrease even if the race was won
    • Fixed an issue where the game music would stop after saving and autosaving
    • Removed redundant votes (e.g voting to increase qualifying time even if the series doesn't have qualifying)
    • Fixed an issue where the race would not end with two cars in the pitlane
    • Fixed multiple game crash bugs

    Motorsport Manager is available to purchase for Windows PC, Linux and SteamOS now.

    Motorsport Manager is represented with its very own sub forum here at RD. We have the perfect spot to browse the latest news regarding the game, chat with your fellow fans of the title and of course download some of the awesome mods released by talented community members. Head over to the sub forum now and get involved in the discussion!

    Motorsport Manager 1.jpg Motorsport Manager 2.jpg

    Do you enjoy Motorsport Manager? Are you pleased to see Playsport Games are supporting the title post release? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Currently near the end of season two and loving the game so far :) The fixes here sound great and I'm glad the devs are listening to feedback.

    Would like the game to be slightly more difficult in the ERS, because you can easily put yourself in a better strategic position. I've won races after getting a drive through penalty and damage before as well :D
  3. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    Buggered if I know..... Premium

    Oh, thank god. This was driving me nuts. :D

    Another life-saver, especially when you start with a lower-tier team.

    It's a great little game, but the max-performance bug has probably cost me 3 seasons of getting absolutely nowhere.
    It was getting a little frustrating to see my engineers quietly forgetting all they'd learned during the previous season. :p
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  4. antirussia81


    Sounds like a confession of the head of the McLaren-Honda team... ;)
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  5. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    Buggered if I know..... Premium

    One difference between me and him is that I have no problem admitting that I'm a complete muppet. :D
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  6. antirussia81


    Maybe he just doesn't know you that well ;)
  7. Ryan_Lee


    Have to say one thing that is annoying me is that (i made the mistake in the first season) if you develop new parts, end of season they throw them all in the bin. It makes no sense, even keeping the gear you were using would still make sense. If it were a real team (especially an up n comer) they arent going to piss millions against the wall and start fresh. Generally it will take 3-5 races just to get back to where you were and then you have to fight back to the front.

    Maybe if they were to give them a small drop in performance and reliability as each year goes on to allow an aging part. But I spend the second half of the season not doing much as far as development goes because its all a waste of money. I would much rather develop new engines etc for the next season to start off much more competitive.

    I'm really enjoying the game and have clocked up way too many hours but that is certainly something that bites at me
  8. racelover


    Wow, all these fixes tells me one thing, they haven't tested the game enough before release.
  9. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    This seemingly only happened to a few people, I have no issues getting my car better and better for each year. But I also need the progress to not go bankrupt!
    Anyway, any "new season reset" bugs are supposed to be fixed in this patch. I don't know though, as I never had the issue.

    It's kinda hard to test PC games, as there are no system that is equal. I think I've only seen one or two of the bugs that have been fixed.
  10. Ole Andreasen

    Ole Andreasen
    Hey... wait up! Premium

    I want this game... I want it... Christmas wish I guess... not so long time now... :)
  11. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    Buggered if I know..... Premium

    It depends on WHAT you improved.
    If you improved the part-performance directly, you get the trickle-back for next year.
    If you improved max-performance instead (which is usually a better option if you have the time) it didn't have any effect next season.
    But since it's been fixed, never mind I guess. :D
  12. aphidgod


    Fixed all the bugs I noticed and even a couple I didn't. Can't complain about that in a first patch.

    Hopefully tweaking the carryover from one season to the next did some positive things to game balance. Lot of issues with game balance. (And this coming from someone who, halfway through his 4th season, has 3 championship trophies to his name already and has not yet failed to meet a single goal in-game. It's not like I'm complaining because I can't succeed.)
  13. Stephen Armstrong

    Stephen Armstrong

    Blue flag NOT fixed
    AI still brake when a car exits pitlane
    Continue of career = slow player cars
    A.I faster on wet track with inters compared to player cars on wet tyres.
    better before patch...
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  14. Brett B

    Brett B

    Don't forget the stupid braking, flat spotting 20% of your tires at every ****ing chicane in the game.

    This game has me hooked, but damn are there some stupid bugs that should have never made it to release.
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