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most of the curbs have turned to gravel if i touch them help

hello i have had a problem with any curb and at some tracks if i go off they have all turned to gravel
Seriously, have you considered staying off the curbs?
Most curbs are very slippery, when they're not they can degrade any aero grip that the underside of a car generates.
High curbs need suspensions set correctly to be able to mount them or you will be sent flying.
Generally the track surface has a higher grip level built into it and provides a fast[er] driving line through a corner.

Curbs, highly over-rated:)
its not just the curbs the run off area that is tarmac is gravel even if one wheel is off the track
I think that any problem you are having is also felt by anyone else with the game. Areas off the racing surface generally have less grip, even paved surfaces. The best strategy is to stay on track.