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Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jack B, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Jack B

    Since RaceDepartment is running leagues now, I thought some here might fing this interesting. Just saw this post from David Hout of iRacing. Should be an awesome feature.



    I tend to use heat racing and tournament racing interchangeably. I'm not sure how much of this is common knowledge but here are a few highlights:

    - A tournament is comprised of a series of hosted sessions where the results from round N determine who is eligible for round N+1.
    - Each tournament starts with a qualifier session followed by any number of preliminary races followed by a final race.
    - Each session can be run on multiple servers (I think this number may be 10 but I don't know if that has been finalized yet)
    - The host has the ability to select entry criteria for a race (e.g. top 25% from last round advance).
    - A few different gridding algorithms are implemented to spread the racers across the servers but as host you also have the ability to drag and drop racers to organize the grids on each server as you see fit.
    - You cannot configure round N+1 until round N concludes.
    - A tournament could run over the course of an evening or a year.
    - I'm working on the results page now. It's going to be similar to the hosted results page. The big difference is that all of the sessions for a tournament will be grouped together. You can twist a tournament open to see the results for each round in one place and you can link out to individual session results etc.

    Hope this helps.


    Here's the link to the thread on iRacing forums.
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