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Misc Monza - Dynamic Track & New Textures/Lighting 2.0

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igearzone16 submitted a new resource:

**Monza** Dynamicly changing track, 3D, HD, New Textures, New Lighting System - Dynamic Seasons Mod Track, Also works as Stand Alone..

Re-done in High Definition vs. the Standard ..
Install instructions now included, for newbies and 1st timers. as easy as 1.2.3...

All of the tracks that I have remodeled, have been enabled to be Dynamic....
This means that the tracks change Dynamically from one race season to the next season so as you finish season 1, go to season 2, you will notice that the track looks different from previous season, and so does your car.


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because I base it on real life track. there is nowhere near that many trrs close to the track. its against safety regulations, codemasters puts a lot of trees to hide buildings from the game engine that are part of the dynamic environment