Mont-Tremblant v1.0


Andrew Evans

mont-tremblant gtre v1.0

version history

2009-04-08 1.0 initial release

1.0 notes

includes mont-tremblant gp & mont-tremblant north circuits.

this is a direct port of Der Dumeklemmers GTL version of the track which itself was converted from the Bud Lucas/Andy55 rF version of the PorscheGuy scratch build from SCGT...

major kudos to Der Dumeklemmer & Bud Lucas for giving permissions to allow this to happen! o7

i could not track down PorscheGuy to ask him but since he did give permission for the rF and GTL versions i'm assuming he'd be cool with this (and he does give future conversion permissions in his original readme)...

readmes for all versions are included in this archive

track is configured for 30 cars and has no known issues. the skybox isn't completely to my satisfaction and i'll endeavour to sort it out in a future update.

huge thanks to for allowing me to test this and much choc-o-lehte easter egg action to all who came out to play!


eeevans (



Sep 8, 2008
Wow , i'm so happy somebody decided to make this wonderful track !!! Lots of elevation changes and that 1st turn...oh my! I'm a bit biased of barely 1 and a half hours away from there :p

Nick Deeley

Jan 16, 2009
Very nice track to drive, alot of elevation, some of the corners caught me out the first couple of laps :shock:

Good job i was the only one on track and thankfully there was barriers, and no damage on the quick practise session...


Jamie R

Oct 24, 2008
Found a bug (sorry) on the one we raced the caterhams at (think it was north) TV mode doesnt work properly - the cars are invisible aswell as a lot of the track.

But yeh, great track and well converted! :D

Andrew Evans

thanks man, i'll take a mooch at it when i do un update for the skybox... at the moment i don't do anything to the cam files when porting a track...