Monaco: Patrick takes FTS back to the podium after scoring the team's second WC Pole!

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  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    After a strong showing in Barcelona, Patrick De Wit took Faster Than Speed back to the World Championship podium for the first time since Great Britain 2009.

    It was a fantastic performance which had Patrick leading throughout the first stint, after taking the FTS-P11 to the team's second Pole Position in its WC history with a brilliant Q2 lap.

    Patrick De Wit showed his intentions early on, setting the 2nd fastest time in the Q1 session, entering Q2 for the second time in a row and highlighting the improvement shown in the FTS-P11's performance. In Q2, Patrick delivered an absolutely stunning lap, beating championship leader Huis by half a tenth to take Faster Than Speed's second ever World Championship Pole Position. It was the first time an FTS car was on Pole in WC since Patrick did it back in Canada 2007, in his first season with the team. On the other hand, team mate Giuseppe Marconi had technical issues and was unable to take part.

    Patrick made a good start, managing to keep the lead in St. Devote. Despite an early attack from Huis, Patrick led the field throughout the whole first stint. However, he was closely followed by Huis and Nilsson, who clearly had some extra pace they were unable to develop behind the FTS driver.

    After both Huis and Nilsson pitted at the end of lap 21, Patrick tried to push hard before entering the pits the following lap, in an attempt to stay in the lead. However, he probably pushed a little too hard as he made contact with the guard rails in the tricky Tabac corner, damaging his FTS-P11. While he was luckily able to continue, the pitstop took almost 10 seconds as his pitcrew checked and repaired some of the damage, dropping Patrick to 3rd, just ahead of a charging Morand, and costing him any chance of victory.

    Unable to lap at Huis and Nilsson's pace with a damaged car, Patrick drove excellent second and third stints, despite Morand's pressure leaving no room for errors. Patrick eased his pace up in the final laps to avoid brake-wear concerns, allowing Morand to close up in the final metres. However, 3rd place was for Patrick, who took his and the team's first WC podium since Great Britain 2009. A well-deserved prize for a fantastic Sunday from Patrick!

    Patrick De Wit (3rd): "Just one word: Wow! After the 2011 season started, I did not expect to be on Pole Position this year, after being outside Q2 in the first five races. I knew beforehand I would make it to Q2 here, I almost drove a personal best time, lost some time, but that's Monaco. In Q2 the pressure was enormous to set a superb lap as the top-10 only have one lap with race settings on low fuel. I somehow managed to do it and repeat my Pole Position from 2008, things always go well here.
    When starting the formation lap, I was very cautious, I did not want to repeat the debacle of 2008, when I crashed from Pole Position in the formation lap.

    I had a good getaway into Turn 1 but the exit wasn't too good and Huis had a run on me. As overtaking is hard at Monaco, I tried to fend Huis off, which worked, but the guys behind me clearly had a faster car. When Huis and Nilsson pitted, I tried to do a lap as fast as I could before pitting, but my car understeered going into Tabac and I touched the guard rails. I picked up some damage which had to be partially repaired in the pits, presumably costing me a nice fight with Huis and Nilsson, it killed my race for a potential victory.
    In the end, I tried everything to hold on to the last podium spot which paid out well, I fended off a charging Morand.

    I am extremely pleased that I could score Faster Than Speed's second ever WC Pole Position, after doing it back in 2007 at Montreal, shame I could not get the victory as you don't get that many chances this year.
    I am really happy about my performance, I hope to keep moving forwards but in WC, it's extremely difficult. Thanks to FTS and Christian for giving me a great car for Monaco, and see you all in Montreal!"

    In the other divisions, FTS endured another tough weekend. Giuseppe Marconi was unable to qualify and race in the World Series due to technical issues. In the World Trophy race, Alberto De Juan retired on the opening lap after an incident, while Heinz Vanderhoydonck had to abandon the GP after his car got stuck on the second chicane's high kerbs.

    Proud after taking the battle to the top teams in Monte Carlo, Faster Than Speed is now looking forward to the Canadian GP. At Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Patrick De Wit took his maiden FTS Pole Position in 2007. Can history repeat itself after his Monaco performance? In Canada, FTS also celebrated Florian Pechon's 2008 WS Advanced victory, while the team took 1-2 finishes in both WS Ace and WS Amateur in 2005. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from Canada, and stay tuned for the race's Live Broadcasts here!

    Exclusive pictures and videos available in our Facebook page! Also, don't miss our live Twitter (@FTS_Racing) coverage of the WC races!

    Faster Than Speed
    Press Release
  2. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

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    Mikko Puumalainen

    Nice feature, I read it after the race :).
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