Monaco (Dry)

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  1. J0k3R-


    Team: McLaren Honda

    Lap Time: 1:13.803

    Race Mode: Career (Q1)

    Difficulty: Expert 87

    Weather: Dry

    Distance: 100%

    Controller Type: Joy Tron EX3 Air Premium

    Front Wing Aero: 10
    Rear Wing Aero: 10

    Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 55%
    Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 75%

    Suspension Geometry
    Front Camber: -3.00
    Rear Camber: -1.70
    Front Toe: 0.10
    Rear Toe: 0.32

    Font Suspension: 7
    Rear Suspension: 4
    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 10
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6
    Front Ride Height: 6
    Rear Ride Height: 5

    Brake Pressure: 80%
    Front Brake Bias: 56%

    Tyres Front Tyre Pressure: 23.0psi
    Rear Tyre Pressure: 21.1psi

    Weight Distribution
    Ballast: 8
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  2. Kyle Dunning

    Kyle Dunning


    Dry (& Wet)


    Front Wing Angle: 11
    Rear Wing Angle: 11

    On throttle: 80%
    Off throttle: 75%

    Suspension Geometry
    Front Camber: -2.50
    Rear Camber: -1.00
    Front Toe: 0.15
    Rear Toe: 0.20

    Front Suspension: 1
    Rear Suspension: 1
    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 9
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 9
    Front Ride Height: 3
    Rear Ride Height: 3


    Brake Pressure: 90%
    Front Brake Bias: 64%

    Tyre Pressures

    Front Tyre Pressure: 22.2
    Rear Tyre Pressure: 20.7

    Weight Distribution
    Ballast: 6

    Notes: Used to great effect in Time Trial (change anti-roll bars to 11s for TT) and in mixed weather conditions in my first Monaco career race. Here's the key points of my grand prix weekend:

    • Managed to make it through to Q3 on Supersofts, then for some reason the game didn't let me do Q3 and placed me 7th (either a glitch or I skipped it without paying attention), which was roughly where I'd have qualified anyways.
    • Wet weather to come half way through the race, so I chose supersofts and kept them on til it was time for Inters. I went from 7th to 5th in the first couple of laps, then it took another 4-5 laps to catch up to the back of Ocon and find a way through. Satisfying, except I'd lost a lot of time to the front three (Vettel, Lewis, Kimi)
    • Kimi & Lewis pitted for new ultra softs and hounded me til it started raining. Vettel pitted later than his teammate and ended up in front of me. After pit stops for Inters, I came back out in second over 20 seconds behind Seb, and a few seconds in front of Kimi (Lewis went an extra lap without Inters and lost loads of time).
    • I added some extra fuel before this race as my driving style (or lack of upgrades on my poor Sauber) seems to eat fuel. I ran in Standard til I got on to Inters, but from there I had to go Lean for a while to get enough back for a later charge. I found I was the quickest car on track with this setup, so once I had fuel I switched back to Standard and pulled away from Kimi. Lean in wet conditions isn't as bad as if you did it in dry conditions; even more so around this track.
    • Backmarkers played a huge part. The AI finds it difficult to get past, and the backmarkers get so confused as to where and when to let leaders through; some of them almost wipe themselves out on the wall just to adhere to the flags. Once I saw I was eating in to Vettel's lead, I picked up the pace and took a gap from 25 seconds, down to just a few seconds before the track started to dry.
    • Luckily I was able to catch Vettel on the very same lap we had to pit for dry tires. In fact .. he was struggling so much to turn his car in to the pitlane that I was able to do a Solid Snake and sneak my way past him so I'd end up in front after our stops. I was ready for a fight with 12 laps to go, til I saw he'd chosen Supersofts and not Ultras .. which pretty much handed me the race. I'd saved enough fuel to run standard, and even Rich mode in the last few laps, which allowed me to pull away and win the race 7-8 seconds in front.
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