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Mitsubishi Lancer Winfield 1998

DiRT Rally 2.0 Mitsubishi Lancer Winfield 1998 1.1

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hossy 0saka submitted a new resource:

Mitsubishi Lancer Winfield 1998 - DiRTRally2 livery mod for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

Livery: Team Mitsubishi RALLIART 1998 Rally Australia
Class: Group A

View attachment 313276 View attachment 313277 View attachment 313278 View attachment 313279 View attachment 313280 View attachment 313281
Ryder25 (EGO PSSG Editor)
Victorbush (NeFS Edit Tool)
RallyGamer (How to make livery)

Made by hossy0saka

I will not bear full responsibility for your using this mod.

Smoking kills.:thumbsup:

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