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  1. GTiR SR20DET 4WD Elliot

    GTiR SR20DET 4WD Elliot

    Mini - Countryman Rally-Cross - 4WD TURBO


    0-400m = 9 Seconds

    Yeah it's a 9 Sec 4WD Drag / Track / Rally / Rally-X / Touge / Drift / ETC Car...

    Based on Heavily Modified Race GTiR style Performance + Handling, Similar Wheelbase ETC...

    Planning to learn to make a GTiR Skin... haven't done 3D Modelling in a decade though... used to use 3DS Max...

    Was aiming for 400hp but something happened and thus we have a little more ;)
    Decided to keep the beefy Tune and share since I enjoyed it so much...

    spent hours adjusting this tune, Tweaked Many things inc Gearing, Power Curve (dyno Referenced), Boost, Drivetrain, Auto-shifting, ...
    Eg: the Diff are setup so that Center is Strong, Front allows for some turning + Rear is strong enough to maintain control at higher speeds + When you hit the brakes etc, 4WD Power Drifting is Quite Possible + Fun, Controllable...

    try it out on "Surfers Paradise INDY 2004", "Gymkana" & "Top Gear Test Track"etc...
    Think my best laps were something like 1:30min on Top Gear Track & 1:50min for the Indy 2004...

    Here is an Example of what i did for the gearing:
    GTiR RNN14 - 5-Speed Manual Transmission Gear Ratios:

    1st - 3.285 (RA) | 3.067 (RB)
    2nd - 1.850 (RA) | 2.095 (RB)
    3rd - 1.272 (RA) | 1.653 (RB)
    4th - 0.954 (RA) | 1.272 (RB)
    5th - 0.740 (RA) | 0.911 (RB)

    Reverse - 3.266 (RA) | 3.153 (RB)
    Final Drive - 4.125

    Virtual 6-Speed In-Game:
    GEAR_R=-3.153 RB
    GEAR_1=3.067 RB
    GEAR_2=1.850 RA
    GEAR_3=1.272 RA
    GEAR_4=0.954 RA
    GEAR_5=0.820 Custom
    GEAR_6=0.690 Custom
    FINAL=4.125 RA/RB

    1. drivetrain.ini
    2. engine.ini
    3. brakes.ini
    4. car.ini
    5. tyres.ini
    6. ai.ini
    7. setup.ini
    8. power.lut.ini ----- RENAME ---- Just .rto Remove the .ini extention
    9. ratios.rto.ini ----- RENAME ---- Just .rto Remove the .ini extention

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  2. GTiR SR20DET 4WD Elliot

    GTiR SR20DET 4WD Elliot


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  3. GTiR SR20DET 4WD Elliot

    GTiR SR20DET 4WD Elliot

    Oh ok sorry if i put it in the wrong section apparently...
    My Bad...
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